Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here i come again with a simple summary of a week of my life.This week had been a really tough week for me as many assignments,reports,preparations for quizzes  need to be complied.I barely can handled all those jobs .With a long stayed up at nights,and the help of others sheet of works.I managed to get trough them.All to thanks to my companions too.They helped me a lot till the very last minutes of the day.Classes went well except for physics cause all the classes for the subject were cancelled.Friday was a holiday,due to maulidur rasul.I took the opportunity to sleep all day long.All the routine of the day were  kicking around in my dream.I was so happy.
On saturday,i slept till noon.Woke up and bewail against my laptop.At 5.00 however,i made a move to the soccer field along with other zombies of trimonster(our football team name).It was a battle for us that evening cause we were holding the pass in the UTP-soccer league.War against KAIZE.Throughout the game,kaize managed to bring down our wall of defense and blocked our attacked.And,in the end of the day,we were extremely beaten.6-0...remembered in history of trimonster.At night,i went to the CNY celebration.All shown performances were great. It's a fun night after all..
-no hp die..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ikhwan in utp

It was a all of sudden plan actually of bringing ikhwan in utp.It fells like a pay back visit.Thank god there was still ticket for him came to UTP.The journey of him started as our reunion just ended.It took him 3 hours all the way came to UTP from KL.He stayed with me and afiq.He complained a lot since the journey started and its ok.The nature of him,haa..:).we arrived kinda late in the evening.
everything just went details........cause the main highlight here was the visit to THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN where we got the most fun.The day fall on 16 February 2010,tuesday.

1st smsk'08 batch reunion 

Its a long plan actually of having all 08 baktee murnee members gathered and having some fun time.
And that wish and plan are fully fulfilled  on 13 February 2010,saturday,Time Square.It was a  success like the plan leader says and i can see it.And its about 20++ of us there..(20/101)X100%=19.80%...That was the percentage of bodies come joining the reunion party..It carries 80.19 % of errors(people that are not coming).haha..just doing some wild calculation .The plan on that day was gathered in Time Square.Every group managed to be there at different time frame.As for my group,UTP group,we departed and managed to be there right after half past one in the afternoon.Our arrival is the last one awaited.Next,we moved to cosmo park and play some shouting game.haha.I prefer to call it that way.Some of us went to other game.And some were just watching and some be with their beloved one.Ehem2!~Actually i have captured some pictures but there are all in my dying phone.can't save it.sorry friends.

I am staying at ikhwan's house togerther with my other friends.
The next day,we plan to go summit shopping complex.Others went 1st while me and ikhwan stayed at the house waiting for others to come.USM group together with kevin nad zulhafeez.
.when they managed to come and settled down we headed to summit.There,we met zaki who came all the way from penang to join the reunion party.At summit,most of the places were closed and nothing could be done also when the condition was like we decided to go to sunway pyramid.There we could sense some enjoyment.Everybody was hungry ,so we went to find some particles to ate.and we ended up in hartz..

After stomach were filled up,we went to grab  some souvenir around the place.I managed to get myself a T-shirt.It felt great when u managed to bring at least something back from other's places.After everyone was satisfied with whatever they have in their hand,we proceed to the exit and set out to our house.
That were all we could done during the day time,at night,we plan of had a whale of time played futsal.After put on some gears that were appropriate at it place we storm out to the futsal court.It had been a long time playing futsal with smskians.We got different skills brought all over the state in peninsular.:)..Right after we finished with the enjoyable game,we made a move to the swimming pool where our tiredness and sweat were handled. YATA!!! 

All done.hungry again..luckily,the gurlzzs were already there preparing the food. spaghetti!!~ yeahhh...

arghh! we ate to our hearts content.
we ended up the night with some good sleep.bodies were dead bodies.haha:)

The next day we all woke up kinda early cause have to do some wrap up..
today we all have to separate and headed to our respective for my group,we went to puduraya to catch some bus and went back to UTP,perak. 

And that were all for the first reunion for the smsk 08 was a success although more were expected to come..its ok its time will be a great sucess.amin!~BYE2!

Friday, February 12, 2010


This photo was taken at kellie's castle .
Photography members:

  • awang muhammad nasuha ( The camera man)- canon 1000D
  • asroy angkoi (me) (simply a model)
  • muhd. afiq iskandar (standing light man)-he is perfect at it
  • david bong (ermm) (just following)
was really amazed by the quality of the it....


Farewell my companions for those celebrating Chinese new year and those who just goes back for the CNY holiday.2010 年行大运.From distant i am hoping that all of you are delight and having a safe journey back.Family members await  excitedly for your arrival.

As for me in this moment ,i am just being shut-in here in hot-hot heat UTPt,but later i will set out to KL for some kind of reunion.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Cinta pertama"


Don't misunderstood about this title.It's a movie title that i have seen during my free time this evening.Feel very boring and suddenly my nerve ends in watching this movie.It's an indon movie by the way.Frankly speaking,i am totally touched.When nothing could be done during this time.I feel like to post a little about what i have i seen throughout "cinta pertama".

Story start from a big secret revealed before the wedding day of Abi (Richard Kevin) and Alya (Bunga Citra Lestari). Abi finds Alya’s diary and discovery that Alya got brain cancer. Beside that, She still in love with her High School’s friend, Sunny (Ben Joshua). When Alya is in comma caused of cancer, Abi intended to find Sunny and ask him to meet Alya.
Abi finally find Sunny. With Sisi, Sunny’s wife’s permission, Sunny visits Alya. Sunny so touched to see Alya , who was so agile and fun, laying weak and hopeless. What would Sani says and does for Alya? How is the story end?

"Seseorang yang kita fikir kita miliki ,ternyata bukan benar-benar milik kita.Kita memiliki hatinya,tubuhnya dan cintanya.Tapi kita tidak akan pernah untuk memiliki jalan hidupnya."

"Cinta,apakah benar-benar ada.Aku jadi bermakna bukan kerana cinta dekat menghampiriku,tapi aku jadi bermakna sejak mengharap cinta menghampiriku kerana dalam dunia ini tiada yang lebih penting melainkan harapan."

sunny and alya

"Aku sangat beruntung tapi adakah rasa keberuntungan ini yang aku perlukan sekarang.Lalu kenapa aku merindukan dia yang pernah mengisi hariku dulu.Aku rasa ada yang hilang tanpa tau apa yang aku sudah aku temukan.Aku merasa menemukan tanpa tau apa yang aku cari.Dan aku rasa seperti mencari tanpa tau apa yang sudah hilang.Manusia memilki mimpi.Ada yang mengejar dan mewujudkannya dan ada yang mundur dan membuangnya.Ada pula yang diam dan menyimpannya sepanjang hidupnya.Dan,aku akan menjadi manusia yang terakhir itu yang hanya akan diam dan menyimpan perasaan ini untuk selamanya."

"Setiap manusia memiliki ruang kosong di hatinya.Ketika seseorang datang,dan kita berfikir dia mengisi ruang kosong itu.Sebenarnya dia hanya berdiri di depan pintu,dan menyemarkan ruang kosong itu.Ruang kosong di hati kita tetap ada,dan tidak akan pernah benar-benar terisi."

"Tiada pertemuan yang abadi..-sunny
seperti pertemuan,maka perpisahan pun tiada yang abadi...-alia"

~wanna see what is the ending of this touching love story,then get your eye on it...


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