Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Next semester subject..

Zaman 1st Year 1st semester ku menghampiri kemuncaknya. Next year, already in 1st year 2nd semester..
Masa agak cepat berlalu. Pejam celik jer dah duduk final exam sekarang. Tak lama lagi pun exam akan habis, cuti then back to studies..Couse untuk semester sudah pun diregisterkan dalam UTP PRISM. List kat bawah adalah antara subjek2 yang kena dikhatam dalam semester yang akan datang :

subjek                                                         credit hour

Network analysis                                              4
Digital Electronic II                                           3
Micro electronic Physics &Devices                    3
Vector Calculus                                                3
Moral studies                                                    3
Co Curriculum (Gamelan I)                               1

I cross my hand and hope that next semester will be a great semester. Much better than what i have been through this semester. : D

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Menghampiri penghujung...

Salam semuanya. Sudah lama tiada entri dalam blog ku dalam 3 bulan kebelakangan ini. Malas lah rasanya nak update tiap hari. lagipun aku ni bukan nyer blogger yang rajin sangat. I have my own diary. :D Dalam 3 bulan ni,macam2 dah berlaku. malas nak recall smeua. Panjang pulak post nanti. sakit menaip. The previous 2 weeks adalah minngu yang agak significant bagi aku. Well, tak taulah day mane, i have to compile everything since dah nak ttup sem kan. Projek DGE,lab test,programming dan persediaan untuk final. Memang memenatkan juga lah. 
In the end, ada juga yang tak btol like my project. Spend two weeks on it and it turns out not working in the end . lecture dan aku.(......)
L: " ko nak markah kosong ke? ni first projek jukebox(name projek aku) yang tak jadi setakat ni."
-sedih gak ar dengar.nak wat camne..dah dia tak nak jadi.
A: "well, if i deserved 0 marks then give me zero." 
-bapa poyo aku..haha
L: "takpalah,nanti aku pikirkan"..
orang len senang2 je dapat full mark. adui.
lab test ok jer..programming pun nyawa2 ikan..
lepas habis semua projek tu, kena belajar untuk final exam lah pulak...
dalam jadual, academic writing first, then digital electronic, differential equation dan killer paper last-> circuit theory..untuk yang paper last, i have 2 weeks gap setelah paper yang ketiga..wah,nasib bek juga.kalau tak mampus..summary 3 papers yang dah berlalu.
academic writing: ok lah..dapat jawab dengan tenang..
digital E: kena dapat seratus baru dapat A-.adeh,teruk gila markah coursework.but in the final paper itself.tak dapat jawab satu section.huhu.kompom tak seratus.
Differential equation : CMP.. konpiden dapat jawab tapi turn out ______..kecewa aku mengenangnya..
* dalam minggu lepas ade 2 orang kawan dtg UTP,both from KL..purpose nak lawat kite org je.tak dapat nak plan aktiviti yang gempak untuk diorang kos terhimpit dengan stadi. between fun and exam. i have to choose exam..aktiviti kiteorang in brief adalh, dinner(syabu2),DOTA, lepakking, CH, men volleyball/basketball..itu jer.diorang balik and back to stadi again..

dalam bulan ni jugak aku agak berbelanja sikit..aku beli phones look alike, ipod nano used ,jam tag heuer, memory card and brg2 sebelumnya.semua aku beli online jer.. ( aku bid,buat payment and tggu shipping. item received and transaction complete. dah biasa dahh.. well, item2 ni dah lama dalam shopping list aku and now i have all of them..syukur.. next on list is camera DSLR. mak dah kasi green light.planning nak beli canon 1000D.aku suka part amik2 gambar ni tambah lagi balik2 cuti nanti krismas,tahun baru.kompom bnyak shot..but its jus a plan though. ape2 semua dalam ketentuan-Nya. 

Cuti tak lama lagi, yea2..but before that kena make sure dapat jawab CT dengan seOK2nya..baru lah tenang nak balik dan berenjoy kan. borang tiket dah hantar and takde notice dari sekarang. (harap2 dpt lah). plan few days in KL, few days in KUCH and the rest in my kampung. bah2..gtg.nak late-lunch..kah2..sayonara..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My mid sem and raya holiday..

My holiday started on 3/09/2010.. Everyone had packed their things and i can see everyone is rushing to get out from UTP and be home. Most of sarawakian friends fly home celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. By looking how happy they were to go back, the deeper the feeling of missing my family at home. Sooner or later i will be back home. As for me myself i am stuck in UTP like the old days enjoying the time by myself. On tuesday however, i went to KL with my friends. We decided to have a whale of time there. We mounted a taxi from utp to KTM Bt.gajah.

me and ngo... :)

ngo, me and kevin(david is taking the picture)..

It took 3 hours for us to step in kl using the train which was my first time by the way. Then we headed directly to serdang where we will be staying. <-my cousin's house.. we settled down and had a sleep..
On the next day (wednesday) we went to meet some of our friends which we haven't seen for a long time. Mr merru and Mr chai.. For that day,we went to UM for a simple sight seeing,KLCC to take some pictures and Time square for a moment of entertainment. In time square we played bowling..

in UM..

david in first, kevin in 2nd and me in 3rd..
(not too bad i guess)..haha :)

After the game, we were just wondering around the time square looking for objects that we could purchased. Around 8,we call it a day and we headed to our respective place.. The next day, we were just having rest. we didn't went out cause everyone was still tired. On the following day.(friday). We decided to have a real fun in Genting. The next bus that we could catch on that time was at 2 in the evening. While waiting for the moment. We visited aquaria and KL tower. 

at KL tower...

outside Aquaria..

Around two,we moved to the bus counter to buy the ticket to go to genting but unfortunately it was full. We were so frustrated. Next we made a move to time square again. There we filled our frustration in cosmo world. After the session,we had some dinner and that's it for the day..
The next day,saturday.(final day in KL).. We went to Desa Waterpark to get wet. We really enjoy our moment there.

entrance of desa waterpark.. 


We finished around 4 in the evening in the waterpark cause the weather is bad.raining! Our next move was to Suria klcc. There we enjoy the beauty of KLCC tower during the night. It was very beautiful indeed. 

In there,i managed to grab a t-shirt which was on sale.. :).. 
sunday. We went back to perak,precisely UTP..home sweet home..I guess that just it for my holiday although it seems 1 week is left. Thanks to those who accompany and my cousin for letting us have a shelter. It was a meaningful holiday ,with great friends ..  Although our money flow like water in the river but it's worth it.. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Me and my days..

11 ogos 2010, wednesday is the offical date where the fasting month( ramadhan month) fall. I guess it's not too late to wish all muslimin and muslimah "selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan" ..

(is it a right picture to put,.)

I am not celebrating it to be specific but my friends do. There were times i will join them fasting too for the purpose of cutting down my expenditure on foods. I realise that is not a sincere thing to do but a good thing on the other side. Well, i can noticed a lot of things are out of its place. A lot of empty tables obviously (of course lah kan) . Peoples are out of their routine. I guess that, maybe due to tiredness. The same goes to me. Normally after class i lay down down on my bed and went to sleep without that i noticed. Classes went pretty good. I have to admit that i sleep a lot during class. I think i have a record of entering fantasy world for every class that i have this semester. Except for programming class,cause it's a hands on class. So, typing C codes are just enough to keep me awake in every of it class i guess . Assignments, revision are compulsory to do in order to survive the next day . Or else you end blur facing the empty whiteboard and a marker stick on your hand. And everyone starring at you hoping for solutions that you are supposed to carve on the board. Some part of the day, i will have to be in labs. That is where pretty cool equipment will be introduced. I still remember the first lab that i got with my partner. My group,We were brief for almost 1 1/2 hours and we got nothing in the end except a relieve. Then we were supposed to test and produce something. Well, for me and my partner, we turned and switched on every buttons and knobs that was visible until some nice pattern appear on the monitor that we kind of relieve.Its ok,its the right one. haha. well,thats about it.Its circuit theory lab i think or DG. For clubs and involvements ,i have been so active with karate. On our AGM, I have been choose to be the Vice.p of karate club. Well,its a huge things for a dupe like me.There are occasions that i have to start work on. Luckily i have senoirs and other karatekas beside me that assist me along the way. arigato!
what else yeah? i have karate practice every monday and thursday night. I love the class really cause i can kick an ass and release my tension.
erm.. since i rarely posting something in this blog, so feels wanna squeeze everything that i can remember of here.
next..convofair futasl game.its a long gone event.jus an add on.. well,i participated.My friends recruited me. And my team was name Wakawaka.such a great name. We played well in the group stage and manage to proceed to second round. We beat a team in the knockout stage and again manage to be the top 10 teams. Well,our next game-we lose.pretty bad..
Everyone was happy in the end although nothing has to be brought home.

wakawaka palyers and the team manager..

I guess that is all for this entry..have a nice weekend and fighting! ^ ^,


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New semester..

Well,this is just one late post.But i have to write something here though cause there are rain of shine in this new semester.Plus its part of my life that i should put on the memory list. First of all,the first week of course is so head-spinning cause there are lot of timetables,labs and and tutorials to set. Well,my friend(s) help me a lot to get trough that. I feel like i am just a new body here in UTP although actually i have been here for 1 whole year. Everything is just reset to zero. I just step into a different world don't i? i guess so. Few weeks has passed and i started to suit and adjust myself into my new semester. Classes went well although its really pack. Assignment stepped-up with each passing day. I crossed my hand and really hope that i will be able to get trough this semester with a smile on my face and peace upon me.
Feel so weak to type..summaries >>..
- MMK is going on.
- karate booth
- finance unstable.
- sports.
- DE,CT,DG,AW,O n G,C...subjects this semester..

 Life at any time can become difficult.
 Life at any time can become easy.
 Good or Bad, they are seasons on LIFE.
 It all depends upon,how you take on life and adjust to these seasons.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is really something..

Its only been a few days upon my arrival in utp,and my head is up to its max.Feel so heavy.Seems like i have a lot to think about.But what? nothing actually.I am tired to death due to massive training that i had.All muscles are tear apart.And yet no time to put them in rest properly,cramps are normal things that happen.30 rounds,100 push ups and 100 sits up everyday is just too much.That is not my level,seriously.In the end of the day however,everything has to get done. I just got no time to do what is normally done as youngster,i mean like en joying,out to town, have a chit-chat in MacD,playing games,movies and many more.You  name it.Its close to hell.(although i don't know what it is feel like in real hell) i am just saying.Thats it about the physical pain..
My new-bought phone CSL DS380 on the other hand really put me up in the air.Can't bear with me even 1 week.This is really a test for me.Fortunately i have a pass to borrow one of my friend's phone,otherwise i am disconnected from my family and beloved one.

word of the day.Don't cry,just say Fuck you and smile...
haha.. XD

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holiday over..

Hey,it has been a long silence here in my blog.Well i am here again coming back from the long holiday that i had i.My early come to utp its nothing to do with my intention cause i still had couple of weeks of the holiday  ahead of me.Its just that i have something to get done.Me and the other 4 friends of mine are going to withstand and endure the one whole week of hell training with Mr. Ganesh.As a matter of fact,we are being prepared for the upcoming Karate national tournament in Perak here itself.Tlhe battle fall on 22nd of july
<------- (back in time)..
 i really had an exciting and memorable holiday back at home.Especially when all of my little sisters and brother were all home--> gawai holiday.. i play and had fun with them.Every single day that past, i am in one's glory.Most of all,i really enjoy mum's cooking.yum2. :).Every evening though, i had soccer game with my friends.At night however,we share stories,jokes and watch world cup together.In the end of the day,i am just proud that my favorite team,spain won the title.In the  morning i will for sure get beaten by my mother cause i never woke up in the morning,always after the afternoon.. huhu.
Its like i did the same routine everyday.Nothing extraordinary...
Below are sum sum-up pics for the last gawai celebration... (the best gawai i ever had)..

with adik2 and cousins..

from left thomas,father,me, along ,and sobri..


                             with ma.. :)

                            thomas, me and father..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Soaring the eagle
My holiday seems to be disrupt by this program. Upon finishing the final exam in UTP. Me and the other friends of mine were short listed to attend this SOARING THE EAGLE (STE). It is an compulsory occasion for every petronas scholar. And its all about sharpen and maximize your potential in becoming a better, well performed and charismatic leader in the future. we mounted the UTP bus itself from UTP to casa Rachado-Port Dickson. Its my first time being there. I had a wonderful sleep along the way. We made it there late in the evening. We checked in and settled down in our respective apartment. Mine was in the 3 rd  floor and with all the heavy luggage that i have to carry i am dog-tired.  Back in there , it was a big apartment comprises with 3 bedrooms,3 toilets and a wide living room. There was a television with so boring channel in it. #304. The dinner was excellent. All the foods served made my mouth watering. troughout the whole 5 days being there i really enjoyed all session conducted. I just can’t withstand the coldness of the room. It’s really the opposite of condition in UTP. :0  . My name assigned during the day was adorable  Asroy. haha. Sounds funny. It’s ok. Everybody had their own . I am pointed to be leader of my group. With Mr. romantic ramzah and Mrs. Joyful Jali ( my facilitators )taking the group, everything went just smooth. We got  lessons and morals from activities and games that we were involved in. Together we experienced and together we learned. The class never sleeps. All were participating. responsibilities is being tested,relationship are tighten, confidence get over the feeling and shyness is overcome. I miss the days that passed away. I earned everlasting memories. There were times when i played so-called water polo with friends and had a walk along the beach. And there were times when i enjoyed viewing up people and scenery from my apartment. The night before the program ended we had a simple yet so exciting dinner. Performances were shown from every samba/group. The hall was filled with scream from the beginning till the end. We enjoyed till late at night. The next day, there is nothing could be done cause it is the end. We brought down our luggage and settled them in a bus. My bus moved to KLCC. From there, we headed to our own place.
-         11-4.waiting is so much pain....
-         Police,arghhh..@!! 



Saturday, May 15, 2010

30429- foundation year in memory

Hey,bonjour all..guess what i am really back after the exams.Ya,i should though.Thats the only way to prove that i am still alive encountering the day of the final itself.Right now,i just feel there is something there in my heart,lung or whatsoever that feels totally unoccupied.I just don't know what the hell is this feeling.Unlike before this i am haunted by the feeling of the holiday,final papers,friends and many more.

Maybe the joy of knowing my foundation year had ended cancel all the feelings.i guess.But i dislike this feeling,it keeps me floating in the space.My brain nerves seems like having problems in transmitting impulses.Really i hate this feeling.Enough with that.Lets talk about how my foundation year has just ended.

Well, we had our final exams to prove that.Although is common to hear the word 'exams' there because during normal days we do also have exams right but the words 'final' there differentiate them.The final exam comprises with three papers which are calculus,physics and chemistry.We had calculus in monday,physic in the next two days and chemisrty close the curtains of foundation year on the friday.

Talking about my preparations for the final.well,i do prepare till the last minutes before entering the hall.I turn out became zombie in this final week.Its just because i didn't sleep when i supposed to.The papers were though and really need me to dig up my whatever that i had on my head during that time.All questions answered of course.

After the last paper,i had to compile up all of my belongings and put things in its place.On the next day( saturday),i am still haunted  by the same feeling.I woke up early.Me and my friends decided to have a little walk out there.We had a car booked and we headed to teluk batik and lumut and ipoh..

buying ice creams! the weather is extremely hot.
me enjoying ice cream..

me ,hazman and zahid..

zahid,zakwan and hazman..


muzium siput..


enjoying the lunch with ikan bakar..

We went put to ipoh and enjoy..We came back to utp packed our stuffs and had a nice slept.That conclude our saturday. On sunday we will be going to Port Dickson upon attending the STE program by petronas.. Shall see you again in the next post.. :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A final exam student's post

It's really been a very long time since my last updates here.Lately,it's been a very full day for me,Since my contract for the foundation program is moving to its very end.I am washed away with work,assignments,tests, and quizzes load.  :) Hopefully i can pass my foundation studies with glory. I will then pursue my contract with UTP(Petronas) in the following 4 years in the undergraduates program.AMIN. :) .Talking about this,i come to think about the final exams that will fall in 10,12,14 mei.1 week to go. My mind seems focusing more on making plans for the upcoming holiday not on the revisions.Obviously,my mind is drifted away by pleasure,fun and freedom that i will be having.haha..Moving on to the details of the final exam papers,actually,i am having a real bad time with my calculus.The coursework mark i am talking about here.Chemistry however has almost the same test as calculus.Both tests for chem really putting me into pieces.Physics--> in the middle=bittersweet.And whatever it is,i just have no choice but to give my very good shot in the final papers..herm.after final,i have to attend STE.ok,i will be going.Tickets to sarawak is still on the waiting list. Unconfirmed about the return date.I am coming back a bit early from the holiday for the intensive training for rakan wajadiri karate tournament.-> my master always emphasize on.Planning on buying EOS 1000D.haha..need extra money from FAMA.ermm..i guess that's all compilations that i have for ya..shall meet again after the final..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The trip was started on monday -15/march/2010- and ended on tuesday-16/march/2010-.Although it was only for two days and one night,we got full excitement out of it.The journey brought me,awg,ngo,kevin and hafeez altogether.We mounted a car and driven by nasuha.The journey took almost 2hrs. Nothing much to be said along the way,we were just enjoying the beauty of GOD's creation and cars that speeding on the road.Sometimes there were accidents.

Penang bridge..

We headed directly to George Town. We arrived Penang around 4 o'clock.We went direct to Batu Ferringhi where we made the reservation for our night stay.It is only a guest house by the way.

the arrival~
After settled with our belongings.We had a walk along the beach nearby.There were a lot of people enjoying the scenery of the beach.

hafeez ,kevin and ngo~

hahahaha...i am happy!

After having some photo,we then headed to nearby street shops where many kind of items were sold.

Around 8 o'clock we then headed to Persiaran Gurney.There we had our dinner at Coffee Island where the food price is damn expensive.Total up,we paid rm90++ for the meal.But,luckily the food taste was excellent.After done eating,we had a simple tour around the city looking for great places.

(dinner moment)
Ngo and kevin enjoying the meal at Coffee Island..
iced coffee latte~

playing with DSLR~

Arond 12 o'clock.We made a move to Batu Ferringhi where we stay.We decided to take bath on the beach. During that time,there were nobody were at the beach.Nobody see us.We can feel the peace.In addition sea breeze that alighted on our face made the moment more enjoyable.We couldn't stay there for a long time cause we can't stand the coldness.Next we went to some stall near the beach to have some meal since we were hungry again.We end up at~

waiting for the dishes..

Ikan merah bakar(rm33.00) plus 5 nasi putih.....

ordering the menu!

After done eating to our hearts content,we moved to the beach to inhale the fresh sea breeze.Although it was already late at night we didn't have the will to sleep at all.I guess cause we were excited by that time.
We had a little conversation until some of us went to sleep.When nothing could be done Me,kevin and Ngo then had a walk along the beach.In the middle of the walk,we were chased by some dogs.damn! We were really scared.At first when we couldn't think of any methods to fight those dogs we ran finding place to hide.Where some of us went over the fence and hide below trees.hihi..that was the moment i can't forget the  most.When i came to think of it,i couldn't stop myself from laughing..The next day,we woke up early in the morning.We cleared away our stuffs ,changed our attire and had our breakfast.Then we drove to Taman Negara.~

At Taman Negara~

At first we would like to try the canopy walk but that place was closed. It took us 1km all the way to get that place.We went headed back with little frustration filling the mind.Next we proceed to Taman Rama-Rama.There we managed to be at the the entrance.To enter the place we had to spend Rm10.Boring~..

At taman rama-rama...
After that,we went to Bukit Bendera.We ride a 4x4 wheel drive car all the way to the top.RM15  per person.The steepness of the hill is so frighten.Only certain cars could make it until the top.Briefly, there we could see the whole penang city.Very beautiful indeed.We did some henna,took pictures with a snake,visit temple and mosque and thats all.Most of the time,we enjoy the view of that place.

errrrrrr... SO geli!

After spending about 30 minutes there,we went down the hill.Next we headed to Kek Lok si temple.The place is so big and wonderful.There i bought some souvenir.


We planned to pay a visit to snake temple but the time didn't allow us to do so.Therefore we took the last opportunity being in penang to go to Queensbaymall.There we had our lunch and did a little shopping.Ngo took the chance to buy a new phone.Nokia X3.After everyone satisfied with whatever they got in their hand we went back to Perak directly.To put in nutshell, the holiday trip was exciting and memorable although we couldn't explore all the interesting places in there.Thanks yo Penang.! Next time we will come again..


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