Thursday, March 18, 2010


The trip was started on monday -15/march/2010- and ended on tuesday-16/march/2010-.Although it was only for two days and one night,we got full excitement out of it.The journey brought me,awg,ngo,kevin and hafeez altogether.We mounted a car and driven by nasuha.The journey took almost 2hrs. Nothing much to be said along the way,we were just enjoying the beauty of GOD's creation and cars that speeding on the road.Sometimes there were accidents.

Penang bridge..

We headed directly to George Town. We arrived Penang around 4 o'clock.We went direct to Batu Ferringhi where we made the reservation for our night stay.It is only a guest house by the way.

the arrival~
After settled with our belongings.We had a walk along the beach nearby.There were a lot of people enjoying the scenery of the beach.

hafeez ,kevin and ngo~

hahahaha...i am happy!

After having some photo,we then headed to nearby street shops where many kind of items were sold.

Around 8 o'clock we then headed to Persiaran Gurney.There we had our dinner at Coffee Island where the food price is damn expensive.Total up,we paid rm90++ for the meal.But,luckily the food taste was excellent.After done eating,we had a simple tour around the city looking for great places.

(dinner moment)
Ngo and kevin enjoying the meal at Coffee Island..
iced coffee latte~

playing with DSLR~

Arond 12 o'clock.We made a move to Batu Ferringhi where we stay.We decided to take bath on the beach. During that time,there were nobody were at the beach.Nobody see us.We can feel the peace.In addition sea breeze that alighted on our face made the moment more enjoyable.We couldn't stay there for a long time cause we can't stand the coldness.Next we went to some stall near the beach to have some meal since we were hungry again.We end up at~

waiting for the dishes..

Ikan merah bakar(rm33.00) plus 5 nasi putih.....

ordering the menu!

After done eating to our hearts content,we moved to the beach to inhale the fresh sea breeze.Although it was already late at night we didn't have the will to sleep at all.I guess cause we were excited by that time.
We had a little conversation until some of us went to sleep.When nothing could be done Me,kevin and Ngo then had a walk along the beach.In the middle of the walk,we were chased by some dogs.damn! We were really scared.At first when we couldn't think of any methods to fight those dogs we ran finding place to hide.Where some of us went over the fence and hide below trees.hihi..that was the moment i can't forget the  most.When i came to think of it,i couldn't stop myself from laughing..The next day,we woke up early in the morning.We cleared away our stuffs ,changed our attire and had our breakfast.Then we drove to Taman Negara.~

At Taman Negara~

At first we would like to try the canopy walk but that place was closed. It took us 1km all the way to get that place.We went headed back with little frustration filling the mind.Next we proceed to Taman Rama-Rama.There we managed to be at the the entrance.To enter the place we had to spend Rm10.Boring~..

At taman rama-rama...
After that,we went to Bukit Bendera.We ride a 4x4 wheel drive car all the way to the top.RM15  per person.The steepness of the hill is so frighten.Only certain cars could make it until the top.Briefly, there we could see the whole penang city.Very beautiful indeed.We did some henna,took pictures with a snake,visit temple and mosque and thats all.Most of the time,we enjoy the view of that place.

errrrrrr... SO geli!

After spending about 30 minutes there,we went down the hill.Next we headed to Kek Lok si temple.The place is so big and wonderful.There i bought some souvenir.


We planned to pay a visit to snake temple but the time didn't allow us to do so.Therefore we took the last opportunity being in penang to go to Queensbaymall.There we had our lunch and did a little shopping.Ngo took the chance to buy a new phone.Nokia X3.After everyone satisfied with whatever they got in their hand we went back to Perak directly.To put in nutshell, the holiday trip was exciting and memorable although we couldn't explore all the interesting places in there.Thanks yo Penang.! Next time we will come again..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nokia 5130 express music

Nokia 5130 express music

Outing yesterday with friends and suddenly i bought this phone out of nowhere.I have thought of buying a new phone actually but never thought it will be this fast.My previous phone(below pictures) is seven feet under(dead) RIP..i had a lot of memorial stuffs in the previous phone.I can't retrieve a single thing out from that phone.Never thought of repairing it.Cause i know it won't last long somehow.

Sony ericson w980.

Well,they have similarities.Both are good in term of audio.And others are totally different.The difference in price tells a lot.~
ps/ mama..i have bought one as you wish.But it is a little off the budget.I am sorry.:(.. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

what gonna happen huh??..

Hye readers,peace be upon you all..emm..well, by what i said above is not that i am getting into a fight or whatsoever,just that mid-sem break is just around the corner and i don't have anything planned for one whole week.One for sure is that i am going to Penang along with some other friends of mine on next monday.Hope the plan will go on smoothl.Well,its only for a a while and still another 5,6,7 plain days awaits me patiently. huh? well,that is what i thought of.But come to think of it,what's for it is called holiday when you are supposed to rest and and free from academically stuffs.Well,maybe i should have rest then rite pal.Movie marathon instead,what do you think? hehe.I have download a lot of movies in the first place actually..
:today,going out to ipoh maybe.If there is no obstacles.Really need some fresh air outside there.The smells of UTP has drives me crazy and giving me a lot of stress.
:A lot of people already gone back home.Inanition and loneliness are filling up the space and gonna getting worse.Gonna miss the sounds of selling burgers outside the room too..
:Oh ya,my karate coach remind us(karate members) about the upcoming Kumite(karate fight) tournament.Not sure when is it.So,gonna loosen up this body and practice appropriate technique as preparation for the tournament.Need to practice also for the Grading on April.yellow belt..
:UTP soccer league is still on and will resume after the break.So,need to gain and maintain my stamina for next upcoming game.Wanna jog around around the lake every evening..
 YA HA!!! 

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Its another summary of the week since i actually have no time to update my blog here daily.Well,i can't say much about this week since it was almost the same as week before.Really packed i can say.Full of tests and quizzes.Study done till the dawn.As almost people says,to gain something ,a little sacrifice need to be contributed.Well,i believe in that quote in the first place,but in the end it is my own mistake that couldn't understand the inner or deeper meaning of the quote. What i am actually doing is that i am sacrificing my time,space and soul in the very last minutes hoping that  whatever i sacrifice will remain fresh till the day of the battle.And yet, i am losing in the battle field.Classes went well throughout the week.Living the day when you realize that you are the loser kinda mphhh..I can't explain the feeling.From time to time the sincere smile on my face faded.And the feeling of giving up rose from grave.Hopes and dreams that i carry on my shoulder keeps my mind sharp about the reality of life.Yesterday is a history that will be remembered throughout lifetime, today is the reality that one's should be deal with and tomorrow is mystery that one's doesn't know about and one's should prepare for.As for now,I am sure for now that i am ok with my finance problem.On the friday evening however, trimonster team(my team) had a football match against Facebook.We were defeated physically and emotionally..That was really bad from the previous game.Right after the game,i suffered from a bad illness.I couldn't endure it .Seriously i am weak.On saturday night I went to Festival of colors of the world.Dance performance actually.My eyes and heart(feeling) were both got their attention.
Sorry.. :)..What i can't stand the most within this week was that i made my parents worried about me and couldn't help my sister when she was really in trouble.I am greatly sorry.


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