Thursday, January 14, 2010

I AM BACK.... has been a long time i am not going back to sarawak,my lovely hometown.
So, i take the opportunity during this sem break to go back to sarawak although its only for 1 week.
I gonna spend the most of this holiday wisely and create a sweet memory before i come back again to hot-hot heat UTP and start head-cracking session..My flight will be on Saturday morning 11.30,16/01/2010...phewww! 


After completing the last paper for the sem-2 final exam(moral and islamic studies),all propananians are busy packing their stuff and gat ready to move all the things to village 1.A new hostel to all old-mate of v6.Not only the propananians but also with others.They were ready to start their journey back home. V6 is emptied.As for me and my roomate, Afiq,we booked a 'kancil' car from the outside and heading directly to Batu Gajah.There i withdraw some money.Then we went back and went to Taman Maju to buy something for our new room in V1.
2. 4 meter rubber carpet
3.'alas kaki'

Next,we moved to V6 to pick up our stuffs and moved them to V1.-specific room number V1C-030.-
After three trips we were able to move all of our things into a our new room.yeahhh! 
Right after that,we settled up and started unpacking all the stuffs and arranged and put them to the right place.
In V1C-030

just arrived~

Its a lot actually~

some of stuff were put to the right place

my attires..


my stuffs~

Thanks to sifu awgnasuha for his canon1000D,..And that is it,i will spending my campus life here in V1 for,errrrr..don know yet,not sure..
The topic above can be interpret in a deeper sense and more by those who ever went through any exams.As for me,it is simply that my mind come back to its relaxed status. Books are no longer thought of,(in a mood  bye-bye situation) ,instead,holidays,fun,games and leisure time(went out to town) come immediately.All i can conclude is that,my life will go back to the same situation like i feel  during the beginning of any semester.
Ermm..i just feel like to express the situation during the past sem-2 final exam.

First exam-english II,11/01/2010,9.00-12.00,main hall(UTP).

Well,in everyone else mind,english is just only piece of cake.As for me i take it seriously since it will bring a massive impact on my pointer this sem. The subject has 4 credit hours,which is the second largest.In the first place of course will be programming.In previous sem i got an A- for this subject.Luckily,our lecturer give us a lot of clues.-i think so-.So i just need to look and study the clues given. In the real final exam,everything just went smooth.The exam finished in a blink of an eye and i feel happy of answers that i wrote down.

Second exam-thinking skills,12/01/2010/9.00-12.00,mqin hall(UTP).

ermm..For this subject,this is just close-ended exam.Well,just need to go through lecture notes given and everything will just ok.Before the exam started, a lot false assumption,initial judgement,and ego-involvement is made. Haha..since this is post is about thinking skills,i will also use the TS terms for sure.errm..Prediction of some topic that might come out is made and everyone is focusing on the it.haha...

Third exam-programming,13/01/2010,9.0-12.00,main hall(UTP).

Oppss..well,this subject is kinda sounds kinda stylish and great.Sounds like we are taught to be a hacker.Its not like that anyway.
well.. cout<< void function( void say something)<
function(say something)
walk in the park.-easy-..normally in class(lectures),when there is a test or quiz the lecturer asked us to pair with others.In this situation i will of course(who gonna miss the chance) of sitting next to those are 'sifu' in this subject.The chances of getting high marks are high.haha.Well, in the final exam.No pairing is allowed.That mean i am on my own.My main problem in arranging and solving the program is that i have low quality and skill of imagination.arghh..i am just beating around the bush.focus..for programming final exam,luckily no hard and complicated question is being asked.huh! i can even close one in answering all the questions.haa..just kidding..<

return o;

Fourt exam(last exam)-moral studies,14/01/2010,9.00-12.00,main hall(UTP).

Its time to change and instill positive values.ermm,actually propananians do not have enough time to study for this subject because everyone is busy packing their belongings and get ready to migrate to vaillage 1.(new hostel).. furthermore,this is the last exam,so the feeling of going back home has conquer the mindset of all candidates.everyone is taking it for granted.focus...3 hours of exam is not enough for me to write whatever comes to my mind during the exam.Imagine that one question consume one whole page of the answer sheet.So,15 question???...well,i am just following the tips given by my friends.Let the making part be the examiners problem.All you have to do is write whatever is asked.

well,i think that is just a brief and concise conclusion of the trimester sem-2 final exam.My friends,shall meet you all in the next sem.cakk!


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