Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is really something..

Its only been a few days upon my arrival in utp,and my head is up to its max.Feel so heavy.Seems like i have a lot to think about.But what? nothing actually.I am tired to death due to massive training that i had.All muscles are tear apart.And yet no time to put them in rest properly,cramps are normal things that happen.30 rounds,100 push ups and 100 sits up everyday is just too much.That is not my level,seriously.In the end of the day however,everything has to get done. I just got no time to do what is normally done as youngster,i mean like en joying,out to town, have a chit-chat in MacD,playing games,movies and many more.You  name it.Its close to hell.(although i don't know what it is feel like in real hell) i am just saying.Thats it about the physical pain..
My new-bought phone CSL DS380 on the other hand really put me up in the air.Can't bear with me even 1 week.This is really a test for me.Fortunately i have a pass to borrow one of my friend's phone,otherwise i am disconnected from my family and beloved one.

word of the day.Don't cry,just say Fuck you and smile...
haha.. XD

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holiday over..

Hey,it has been a long silence here in my blog.Well i am here again coming back from the long holiday that i had i.My early come to utp its nothing to do with my intention cause i still had couple of weeks of the holiday  ahead of me.Its just that i have something to get done.Me and the other 4 friends of mine are going to withstand and endure the one whole week of hell training with Mr. Ganesh.As a matter of fact,we are being prepared for the upcoming Karate national tournament in Perak here itself.Tlhe battle fall on 22nd of july
<------- (back in time)..
 i really had an exciting and memorable holiday back at home.Especially when all of my little sisters and brother were all home--> gawai holiday.. i play and had fun with them.Every single day that past, i am in one's glory.Most of all,i really enjoy mum's cooking.yum2. :).Every evening though, i had soccer game with my friends.At night however,we share stories,jokes and watch world cup together.In the end of the day,i am just proud that my favorite team,spain won the title.In the  morning i will for sure get beaten by my mother cause i never woke up in the morning,always after the afternoon.. huhu.
Its like i did the same routine everyday.Nothing extraordinary...
Below are sum sum-up pics for the last gawai celebration... (the best gawai i ever had)..

with adik2 and cousins..

from left thomas,father,me, along ,and sobri..


                             with ma.. :)

                            thomas, me and father..


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