Thursday, April 29, 2010

A final exam student's post

It's really been a very long time since my last updates here.Lately,it's been a very full day for me,Since my contract for the foundation program is moving to its very end.I am washed away with work,assignments,tests, and quizzes load.  :) Hopefully i can pass my foundation studies with glory. I will then pursue my contract with UTP(Petronas) in the following 4 years in the undergraduates program.AMIN. :) .Talking about this,i come to think about the final exams that will fall in 10,12,14 mei.1 week to go. My mind seems focusing more on making plans for the upcoming holiday not on the revisions.Obviously,my mind is drifted away by pleasure,fun and freedom that i will be having.haha..Moving on to the details of the final exam papers,actually,i am having a real bad time with my calculus.The coursework mark i am talking about here.Chemistry however has almost the same test as calculus.Both tests for chem really putting me into pieces.Physics--> in the middle=bittersweet.And whatever it is,i just have no choice but to give my very good shot in the final papers..herm.after final,i have to attend STE.ok,i will be going.Tickets to sarawak is still on the waiting list. Unconfirmed about the return date.I am coming back a bit early from the holiday for the intensive training for rakan wajadiri karate tournament.-> my master always emphasize on.Planning on buying EOS 1000D.haha..need extra money from FAMA.ermm..i guess that's all compilations that i have for ya..shall meet again after the final..


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