Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My mid sem and raya holiday..

My holiday started on 3/09/2010.. Everyone had packed their things and i can see everyone is rushing to get out from UTP and be home. Most of sarawakian friends fly home celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. By looking how happy they were to go back, the deeper the feeling of missing my family at home. Sooner or later i will be back home. As for me myself i am stuck in UTP like the old days enjoying the time by myself. On tuesday however, i went to KL with my friends. We decided to have a whale of time there. We mounted a taxi from utp to KTM Bt.gajah.

me and ngo... :)

ngo, me and kevin(david is taking the picture)..

It took 3 hours for us to step in kl using the train which was my first time by the way. Then we headed directly to serdang where we will be staying. <-my cousin's house.. we settled down and had a sleep..
On the next day (wednesday) we went to meet some of our friends which we haven't seen for a long time. Mr merru and Mr chai.. For that day,we went to UM for a simple sight seeing,KLCC to take some pictures and Time square for a moment of entertainment. In time square we played bowling..

in UM..

david in first, kevin in 2nd and me in 3rd..
(not too bad i guess)..haha :)

After the game, we were just wondering around the time square looking for objects that we could purchased. Around 8,we call it a day and we headed to our respective place.. The next day, we were just having rest. we didn't went out cause everyone was still tired. On the following day.(friday). We decided to have a real fun in Genting. The next bus that we could catch on that time was at 2 in the evening. While waiting for the moment. We visited aquaria and KL tower. 

at KL tower...

outside Aquaria..

Around two,we moved to the bus counter to buy the ticket to go to genting but unfortunately it was full. We were so frustrated. Next we made a move to time square again. There we filled our frustration in cosmo world. After the session,we had some dinner and that's it for the day..
The next day,saturday.(final day in KL).. We went to Desa Waterpark to get wet. We really enjoy our moment there.

entrance of desa waterpark.. 


We finished around 4 in the evening in the waterpark cause the weather is bad.raining! Our next move was to Suria klcc. There we enjoy the beauty of KLCC tower during the night. It was very beautiful indeed. 

In there,i managed to grab a t-shirt which was on sale.. :).. 
sunday. We went back to perak,precisely UTP..home sweet home..I guess that just it for my holiday although it seems 1 week is left. Thanks to those who accompany and my cousin for letting us have a shelter. It was a meaningful holiday ,with great friends ..  Although our money flow like water in the river but it's worth it.. 


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