Monday, May 24, 2010

Soaring the eagle
My holiday seems to be disrupt by this program. Upon finishing the final exam in UTP. Me and the other friends of mine were short listed to attend this SOARING THE EAGLE (STE). It is an compulsory occasion for every petronas scholar. And its all about sharpen and maximize your potential in becoming a better, well performed and charismatic leader in the future. we mounted the UTP bus itself from UTP to casa Rachado-Port Dickson. Its my first time being there. I had a wonderful sleep along the way. We made it there late in the evening. We checked in and settled down in our respective apartment. Mine was in the 3 rd  floor and with all the heavy luggage that i have to carry i am dog-tired.  Back in there , it was a big apartment comprises with 3 bedrooms,3 toilets and a wide living room. There was a television with so boring channel in it. #304. The dinner was excellent. All the foods served made my mouth watering. troughout the whole 5 days being there i really enjoyed all session conducted. I just can’t withstand the coldness of the room. It’s really the opposite of condition in UTP. :0  . My name assigned during the day was adorable  Asroy. haha. Sounds funny. It’s ok. Everybody had their own . I am pointed to be leader of my group. With Mr. romantic ramzah and Mrs. Joyful Jali ( my facilitators )taking the group, everything went just smooth. We got  lessons and morals from activities and games that we were involved in. Together we experienced and together we learned. The class never sleeps. All were participating. responsibilities is being tested,relationship are tighten, confidence get over the feeling and shyness is overcome. I miss the days that passed away. I earned everlasting memories. There were times when i played so-called water polo with friends and had a walk along the beach. And there were times when i enjoyed viewing up people and scenery from my apartment. The night before the program ended we had a simple yet so exciting dinner. Performances were shown from every samba/group. The hall was filled with scream from the beginning till the end. We enjoyed till late at night. The next day, there is nothing could be done cause it is the end. We brought down our luggage and settled them in a bus. My bus moved to KLCC. From there, we headed to our own place.
-         11-4.waiting is so much pain....
-         Police,arghhh..@!! 



Saturday, May 15, 2010

30429- foundation year in memory

Hey,bonjour all..guess what i am really back after the exams.Ya,i should though.Thats the only way to prove that i am still alive encountering the day of the final itself.Right now,i just feel there is something there in my heart,lung or whatsoever that feels totally unoccupied.I just don't know what the hell is this feeling.Unlike before this i am haunted by the feeling of the holiday,final papers,friends and many more.

Maybe the joy of knowing my foundation year had ended cancel all the feelings.i guess.But i dislike this feeling,it keeps me floating in the space.My brain nerves seems like having problems in transmitting impulses.Really i hate this feeling.Enough with that.Lets talk about how my foundation year has just ended.

Well, we had our final exams to prove that.Although is common to hear the word 'exams' there because during normal days we do also have exams right but the words 'final' there differentiate them.The final exam comprises with three papers which are calculus,physics and chemistry.We had calculus in monday,physic in the next two days and chemisrty close the curtains of foundation year on the friday.

Talking about my preparations for the final.well,i do prepare till the last minutes before entering the hall.I turn out became zombie in this final week.Its just because i didn't sleep when i supposed to.The papers were though and really need me to dig up my whatever that i had on my head during that time.All questions answered of course.

After the last paper,i had to compile up all of my belongings and put things in its place.On the next day( saturday),i am still haunted  by the same feeling.I woke up early.Me and my friends decided to have a little walk out there.We had a car booked and we headed to teluk batik and lumut and ipoh..

buying ice creams! the weather is extremely hot.
me enjoying ice cream..

me ,hazman and zahid..

zahid,zakwan and hazman..


muzium siput..


enjoying the lunch with ikan bakar..

We went put to ipoh and enjoy..We came back to utp packed our stuffs and had a nice slept.That conclude our saturday. On sunday we will be going to Port Dickson upon attending the STE program by petronas.. Shall see you again in the next post.. :)


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