Saturday, August 14, 2010

Me and my days..

11 ogos 2010, wednesday is the offical date where the fasting month( ramadhan month) fall. I guess it's not too late to wish all muslimin and muslimah "selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan" ..

(is it a right picture to put,.)

I am not celebrating it to be specific but my friends do. There were times i will join them fasting too for the purpose of cutting down my expenditure on foods. I realise that is not a sincere thing to do but a good thing on the other side. Well, i can noticed a lot of things are out of its place. A lot of empty tables obviously (of course lah kan) . Peoples are out of their routine. I guess that, maybe due to tiredness. The same goes to me. Normally after class i lay down down on my bed and went to sleep without that i noticed. Classes went pretty good. I have to admit that i sleep a lot during class. I think i have a record of entering fantasy world for every class that i have this semester. Except for programming class,cause it's a hands on class. So, typing C codes are just enough to keep me awake in every of it class i guess . Assignments, revision are compulsory to do in order to survive the next day . Or else you end blur facing the empty whiteboard and a marker stick on your hand. And everyone starring at you hoping for solutions that you are supposed to carve on the board. Some part of the day, i will have to be in labs. That is where pretty cool equipment will be introduced. I still remember the first lab that i got with my partner. My group,We were brief for almost 1 1/2 hours and we got nothing in the end except a relieve. Then we were supposed to test and produce something. Well, for me and my partner, we turned and switched on every buttons and knobs that was visible until some nice pattern appear on the monitor that we kind of relieve.Its ok,its the right one. haha. well,thats about it.Its circuit theory lab i think or DG. For clubs and involvements ,i have been so active with karate. On our AGM, I have been choose to be the Vice.p of karate club. Well,its a huge things for a dupe like me.There are occasions that i have to start work on. Luckily i have senoirs and other karatekas beside me that assist me along the way. arigato!
what else yeah? i have karate practice every monday and thursday night. I love the class really cause i can kick an ass and release my tension.
erm.. since i rarely posting something in this blog, so feels wanna squeeze everything that i can remember of here.
next..convofair futasl game.its a long gone event.jus an add on.. well,i participated.My friends recruited me. And my team was name Wakawaka.such a great name. We played well in the group stage and manage to proceed to second round. We beat a team in the knockout stage and again manage to be the top 10 teams. Well,our next game-we lose.pretty bad..
Everyone was happy in the end although nothing has to be brought home.

wakawaka palyers and the team manager..

I guess that is all for this entry..have a nice weekend and fighting! ^ ^,


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New semester..

Well,this is just one late post.But i have to write something here though cause there are rain of shine in this new semester.Plus its part of my life that i should put on the memory list. First of all,the first week of course is so head-spinning cause there are lot of timetables,labs and and tutorials to set. Well,my friend(s) help me a lot to get trough that. I feel like i am just a new body here in UTP although actually i have been here for 1 whole year. Everything is just reset to zero. I just step into a different world don't i? i guess so. Few weeks has passed and i started to suit and adjust myself into my new semester. Classes went well although its really pack. Assignment stepped-up with each passing day. I crossed my hand and really hope that i will be able to get trough this semester with a smile on my face and peace upon me.
Feel so weak to type..summaries >>..
- MMK is going on.
- karate booth
- finance unstable.
- sports.
- DE,CT,DG,AW,O n G,C...subjects this semester..

 Life at any time can become difficult.
 Life at any time can become easy.
 Good or Bad, they are seasons on LIFE.
 It all depends upon,how you take on life and adjust to these seasons.


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