Thursday, November 19, 2009

Durian season at UTP~

In the previous two days,me my friends went to Batu Gajah to settle up with something.And after achieved our main objective, we were then decided to buy some durians to eat.After looked at some of the size and the texture we then spent RM20 on the durians.6 of them in total.We brought them to forbidden place(UTP).After settled down,we were then ate to our hearts content.~

haha..This is it!


After some were being eaten.!

Its me~



Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am already 18!!!

Guess what, i am already 18.yea2!! I am proud of myself of being able to reach the next maturity level.Through moments of my life that i have had encountered roughly before,now i have become no longer poor and old Asroy.There will be something extraordinary will pop up from deep inside of me.Not a fact or promise but a dream or goal and parallel with a warning.emh~Anyway,have nothing much to say about myself on this very special day,just..
happy birthday bro.Good luck in whatever you do and keep your pride till the end.Strive for excitement and pleasure.Break whatever records that come in your way,and remember those who should be remembered.Ask for forgiveness and ask for blessings.amin..

Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday,(13 nov 09) me and my friends went to have a whale of time in Bukit Merah.All we knew before departed there was being there and enjoy at the most wanted place there-waterpark-. That is about our main goal.We did our horizontal thinking on that and we had practised thinking skill subject. Dr.Ong must be proud of us.=p..but we did not applied our vertical thinking.We did not knew what exactly the right path or roads to go there. All we got was,rough ideas about the roads. After this was that and after that was turning this and that. And in the end,we kinda lost(wrong way) a bit.But luckily with some gathered information from friends we were then following the right path. Thanks God for that.Although the journey was longer than i expected,we felt relieved when knowing that sooner or later we will be there. After 1.5 hour drove,we were at the location that everybody waited for. We unpacked our stuffs and went direct to the counter.After looked upon every choices of package in front of us,we came to a decision that we took the WATER ECO COMBO which cost RM39 per each.The packaged was consisted of three excitement-boost activity.The waterpark of course,eco-park,and cahir lift.We went to visit the eco-park first. In the visitation there are a lot animals and the place is very beautiful indeed. I kinda miss that kind of environment.(forest/nature). After sometime, we end up our visitation there by witnessed an animal show.We were entertained by their action and mind ability. After the show ,we continued our tour with the chair lift. In this chair lift,we were having a great view of the whole waterpark from above. ~~~..After we landed,we then proceed to our next most-wanted activity, that was watrepark. After took some drink and changed our cloths we went direct to the body-slide section. I can say that was my first time enjoyed the body-slide part. After numbers of trial, we move to the next section which is the boomerang. woooo!!!..this section was the part that almost took all of my soul.Did not had much to say about this part.All of us had tried this boomerang part except zahid. There a lot more interesting section in the waterpark.

Pictures of the day!

       This is me!

The Bukit Merah gang!
including the one who took the picture-adam-

Moment of memory before the animal show~

At the eco-park!

Me and Hazman..

Me and Haziq the driver..~~
 yeah! rock haziq..

Haziq and Zahid..
They look the same as the one in the poster..!

Afiq and the brilliant parrot.~
They are fans of 'The Reds' and old friends..

 Adam with the actor(green) and the magician(red)..~

 The Lion who afraid of snake~

  Me and Zakwan~~

Afiq,Zakwan and the monkey!...

Zahid and Adam..
The new species in the eco-park..

Whose hand is that?
Choose on your own..

The chair lift..
Zahid and Hazman is in the front..

View of waterpark from above..

All i could say about the visit or try to Bukit Merah is, it was amazing and great..
In addition, i go with all my beloved friends.All the fun that we experienced together will be remembered forever..
although we go there with a lot of money fly away,energy-consumed, and a time-wasting activity, at least we go back with an unforgetful memories and inevitable experiences..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Final day of malam futsal kampung 6~~

What i meant for above statement was today at 8.30pm was the the continuation of the previous game.
Previously was just the group stage but tonight was the elimination stage-journey towards the final-.
The PES united which was my group was qualifying for the semi-final,and we were against the RZM team.
It's a name of v6 cafe,but the warriors were not the waiter and waitress.during the 1st half period,the lead was was taken by the RZM team in which they scored from a reflection.PES never lose their pride,they come from behind and won by 3-1 in the end through 1 and 2 fantastic goals from celso and adam respectively.As for that,we made our way to the final.The other semi-final game was between NUSANTARA FC and TELOR JANTAN 1(undergraduate team).Both teams were of great and talented players,throughout their game,a lot of skills and wonderful movements were revealed.Till the end of the game including extra time given,both teams had a tie.3-3.In order to decide which team will qualify for the final,a penalty shootouts were done.NUSANTARA FC managed to win the shootouts and they definitely proceed to the final and it's obvious that the final game were between PES united and NUSANTARA FC.Briefly,the TELOR JANTAN 1 won against the RZM team and they took their place in the 2nd runner-up seat.
The final game were carried on right after that.To sum up the entire game,the game was a very great,excellence.marvelous and memorable.I think it's not just a futsal game but a lots of business were brought on.It was very hard to explain.Luckily no one get to a fight.The game was won by the NUSANTARA FC with 3 goals aheads.Although we lost the game but yet we felt the excitement instead of sadness.


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