Sunday, March 13, 2011

Media Tour 2011 - singapore

Greeting fellow readers. Again it's been a long time since my last updated post in this so-called blog.Well, my little comeback this time will be all about my few days back joining Media Tour 2011 organized by medtech club itself(utp). I wouldn't have the wills to fill my blog here if the trip wasn't that awesome/ohsemmm ,fun and so many more good feeling . To be brief ,it was legendary! Thanks to all MT crews for their effort in organizing this MT to go abroad | Singapore | in the first place. Without them, maybe the trip will be just somewhere in Malaysia and it will be just so-so in the end and i will be just coming back to utp holding the twin-tower model in my hand. It was worth MYR 300 that i paid for cause my staying, meals(breakfast,lunch,dinner),passport,tickets, bus fee, and MT t-shirts was considered. The trip was started on 9/3/11 10.00 pm where we all mounted two buses | bus A and bus B |. we headed to ABM in johor bahru where we will be staying throughout the visit to singapore. It took almost 7 hours in i am not mistaken.
Upon our arrival, we unpacked our belongings, had breakfast and off to singapore. That was our fixed routine for 3 days of our trip. Below are the summary of the places we went in Singapore some in Johor Bahru.

thursday |10 march 2011|

-High commission of Malaysia
-Sentosa island
-Danga Bay ( JB )

friday | 11 march 2011 |
-Singapore discovery center 
-esplanade theaters on the bay
-the merlion ( the little one)
-orchard road
-double helix bridge

saturday |12 march 2011|
-Nanyang Technological University
-UTM skudai
-New bugis street

Singapore is indeed a beautiful to visit and good place to live in. As for me, i wouldn't miss any chance to visit singapore if i am given a chance. I believe there are so many other amazing places that i don't have the time to lay my eyes onto yet. Anyhow, the second phase of the semester is already begin and i can feel the tense is filling the atmosphere.  So long singapore. At least i have some good snapshots to stop the moment from running away when i was there. refer to my flickr my flickr . last but not least, i can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks to all MT crews, friends, even the driver.Feel free to look and access through the photos that i have been captured. My Facebook | MT11-s'pore photo album


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